25 November 2010

Naming Of The Shrew

shrew tamed
I wonder if the others
see it in you too, this
blanched intransigence –
this naming of the shrew

Being fair I guess you’ve
reason pure to wash me from
your hair; unusually the words
describing me are true

Although I disagree on lilt
and muted shriek tonality
I do not misconstrue my role
and know who’s changed

From what I see it’s evident
you’re not deranged but
brittleness and something
new confuses here

Fixation takes the place
of reason’s sovereignty, a
shortness in the breath declaims
your usual fluent speech

Expansive views are too
effete or deigned as useless
answers stating who or what
you judge will wear the blame
© 15 June 2010, I. D. Carswell