11 November 2010



Why does it happen to me? By
being a good citizen today and
assiduously applying brakes when
those bloody quirky lights changed
to amber the carton of beer in the
back slid forward, slammed
into the front of the Ute’s deck
and played morte conspicuously

Result: Three dead marines.

Okay, La Cerveza Mas Fina is
scarcely Pol Roger and I may have
been a trifle lazy in just biffing it in
the back in the first place – but I’m
a bloke who doesn’t see that far
into the future

I mean there’s always a chance lights
will change but who drives through life
planning on stopping on a dime decently?
As you can guess I’m really miffed

The only bright light on the horison
is a 21 gun salute planned for the
three dead marines –


© 1 June 2010, I. D. Carswell