12 December 2010

Ashes Of Urgency


Thinking the way as passion's
persuasion made mockery of
seductive sagacity didn't it – the
subtlety of an aeon shattered like
crystal before peace descended

seems easier to blend than guide
limbs quaking in vogue expectation,
awestruck in calamity, hiding from
feelings predicated on misadventure
wearing mask and gloves against
love's incipiency

playing the agencies with soft hands
stroking ashes of urgency, counting
the agonies two by two - enumerating
opulent testes of desire made weak
in the sheer space conceded

treated to peacefulness ceded in
rest and contentment, soothed and
bathed in tactile luxury – keys
caressed with deft finger-strokes
played like a symphony
© 3 August 2010, I. D. Carswell