04 December 2010

On Leaving


Spent this day a-dithering
caught between extremes
of joyfulness and misery
– it isn’t easy leaving

Where I’m going to isn’t new 

nor echoes blandishments
which are not true although
in need I am despaired

The empty space in places
here where laughter grew –
there is no greater flattery
surveyed I do believe –

are soundless yet but filled
with cogent memories; then
there is my love for you
which ever comforts me

My joy is thus sublimed and
time that passes finds the
room to bear a change it
wreaks unhappily

My misery is leaving where
we came before the rule I
knew would fail me all too
easily – but in a sense –

has made a man of me...
© 22 July 2010, I. D. Carswell