16 January 2011

Pearl Jubilee


The smiling eyes beguile like precious gems
within a field of winsome happiness – and
yet the sadness etched by death prevails as
Alan tells the tale of how his faithful friend 
deceased; he is a man with whom I am in
all respects at instant peace.

I well remember ANZAC Day and where we
met, the way in jest he dances tall of hand
embracing me with cheerfulness, teeth are
bared but worn a-shine with charming grace.
For sure he’s kissed loquacious by the blarney
stone to be my ‘China White’.

Pythagoreans ne’er could expect perfection
such as ours in sweet embrace, a fusion totally
in harmony, proportioned neat and packaged
there for all who would be dared to look to
ever see. I love you Peter Patrick, dearest one,
– especially upon this day of Pearl Jubilee.
© 17 September 2010, I. D. Carswell

For Sasha Bernice Davis and Alan