28 January 2011

Plug And Play

Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation

presumptive anarchy redressed
in options sanctified by sets of
structured plans and rules you’ll
never see or likely comprehend
– that’s ‘plug and play’

but then who cares if gaudy
attributes affect your meek
ability; clever exhortations
play upon naivety which says
you won’t regret this extra
piece to make a simple room
seem a Roman colosseum

an industry with aims to take
your bread in confidence and
yet abets anxiety in claiming
what you need includes a rule
where best at least is what you
must expect; and what you
get exceeds ability to even
think you really understand

insightfully the fee to plug & play
is usury, in all humility you pay
your bucks for purchases offset
as jests – and in sincerity I paid;
the cost, $80 to find a Bluetooth
mouse which wasn’t lost!
© 22 September 2010, I. D. Carswell