25 January 2011

Safe Appreciation


that view, sweet girl, dare I say,
reeks of raging scenes where
bodily invasion screams theses
logically spelling aloud the
grievous words “death knell”

you meant it would allay my
fears for future sex and yet
it kills – left me indecorously
as buried as a corpse with no
good way to graciously concede

with age comes a corollary of
failure I accept insidious as
made to measure me – and
that’s a virtuality that sets
the stage for future dreams

but then the ramp becomes
incredibly so steep, an accent you
disguised as sacred sovereignty
will toll a knell for dilettante
penchants behoving me

see the glory, so it says –
appreciate, but reach into the
space with baleful hands intent
where signs have bade ‘no entry’
and you’ll really weep!
© 20 September 2010, I. D. Carswell