25 February 2011

Laughing With


They’re taking the piss outa you and
you know it – don’t you, that laughing
says all that needs to be said; though
they may be only kookaburras they’re
dead right about a sorry case

And that’s the tilt of it mate, our best
chance of a rescue rests with a bunch
of feathered comedians whose tall tree
veracity echoes insolently from an
indigent’s brazenly oversize beak

They’re not all empty phrases exactly
even choral intent’s well orchestrated
in boos from an opposition bench – or
fatuous praise glazed in good taste
with restrained Australian humour

They’re laughin’ with you mate, try ‘n
see it that way instead of buryin’ your
head in your bum; you’re too bloody
sensitive bein’ kookaburra shamed
by an innocent bit of ‘armless fun
© 18 November 2010, I. D. Carswell