08 February 2011

A Lesser Profundity


ordinarily you’d wonder what would
get to you sooner, the muggy heat
or those bleeding flies – with either
a lay-down misère if mosquitoes
failed to declare on arrival

but the sequence you won’t forget
the high-pitched fly-by to test if
you’re sentient or deaf, followed by
obvious strategies assessing hand
speed and eye acuity – it never fails

the pests analyse your defence with
dedication suggesting they are better
trained than mere soldiers – certainly
they are but they aren’t protecting
national security, or are they?

whether you’re worth such fanatical
attention is impossible to say; itches
to my feet impress enough while the
mugginess of a storm’s advance
plays a much lesser profundity
© 7 October 2010, I. D. Carswell