03 February 2011



She – has to be a She, flaunts this
doggy sanctuary in vaunted confidence
without a sign of fear she stalks
between the feeding bowls.

The owners watch unfazed, she
takes a single piece within her beak
to break it neat and eat before she
deems it wise to fly away.

She will return; she keeps a space
between herself and either dog
although she seems at ease that they’re
amused more than concerned.

The dogs agree there’s more to eat
than greed would countenance a boon
the food is dry and tastes of crunchy
veggie meal and beef and bone.

Her diet shrieks enough to make a
magpie’s song regress distressed in
sharps and flats – but seeing plumage
bloom suggests the lie in that.
© 13 October 2010, I. D. Carswell