12 February 2011

Truth As A Product


It was a rising inflection which got
me – the one at sentence end which
invariably questions, a tonal sort of
‘do you understand’ or perhaps ‘give
me a hint you’re actually with me on
this’ – without saying the words

needlessly I mutter I was until you
asked, now I’m definitely anti whatever
it is you have to say; that is how I am,
no artifice used by cleverly colloquial
raconteurs in their own defence is
going to allay deep seated suspicion

But I’m listening anyway – my ears
actually strain in an effort to recognize
who is speaking – must have been
something in the tone of voice although
I don’t particularly want to hear what
she has to say

An interview on News Radio – there’s
the explanation; like me she has no
faith in the veracity of reporting, where
she sees unmitigated self-interest in the
way they conduct their business

‘Truth’, she says, isn’t an exclusive
product of News Media thinking, in no
way is it proprietary – nor is it exclusively
your registered ‘brand-name’ commodity
© 2 September 2010, I. D. Carswell