20 March 2011

A Little Bout

it is a little bout of ‘flu
not your knocked-down
invalided-out full-blown
curse, at least not so far

must say giving in wasn’t
my idea; yet to scale that
pinnacle of wisdom, but I
am tenuously abed early

it’s amazing how vitamin C
changes a psyche – I feel
already improved and yet
great body heat says ‘nyet’

I’m sitting in a glow of
sweat which isn’t real or
natural – and I suspect a
rather banal elucidation

the workstation set on my
bedded lap, hence ‘laptop PC’,
may be directly implicated
in a dire and feverish plot

there’s no evading a kitchen’s
heat they say, and the same
aspires for a ‘flu-ridden poet
with his laptop afire
© 8 December 2010, I. D. Carswell