28 March 2011

The Question


The question is – What do you really want?

A slick response conspired in fragrant chilli
beans; it surely would suffice he thinks aloud,
there is a bounty of implied largesse in
thoughts like these –

And coffee please, it takes a pride of place
which shouldn’t be consigned an undebated
rank of lesser hierarchy – it is no ordinary
weakness to appease

A tired expression smiled reflects her wry
restraint – why make a joke of it explains
the questioner’s quite deft surmise;
I wouldn’t ask if pigs could fly.

It takes a mute complaint which states
the obvious; saying that you see into a future
where the same applies as of today
denies my earnest dreams she claims

For when one plumbs the depths of need
a view of gracious space comes into sight;
I want to be unlimbered of constraint and
sailing free – well, so do I was his reply
© 27 December 2010, I. D. Carswell