14 April 2011

Clean Sweat

I suppose it doesn’t matter where
the money really goes – in a pure
notion of disposable income what
is a real concern? Whether spent
recklessly your money was earned
burning energy as a first principle
leastways legitimated one opines
if you paid sweated taxes on it

Be it a justifiable levy remains a
bone of contention – applied as a
rule in every case where money
changes hands assists expanding
coffers of administration, which in
turn, increases demand for more

So you’ve played pokies with insane
luck and won some cash, hit the pot
in a Casino’s blackjack benevolence
made profits trading bubbles on the
Stock Exchange – keep these things
under your hat; irony is it’s a safe bet
that the more you sweated earning it
the less of it you’re ever gonna get
© 19 January 2011, I. D. Carswell