23 April 2011

Live And Let Be


OK, ideas for change are great
‘though translating same into
practical effects takes more
than a notional leap of faith

Delays seem part of the scene;
dumb routines reflexively space
events – separating opposites
with introspective patience

We’re not talking days – years
maybe, sketched pensively into
eons of classical doubt-ridden
debate about what ‘should be’

Then the printer is moved by a
rush of vague adrenaline to the
left of an innocent PC since it
fits the current mood

Rests too candidly – an unedited
indictment, years of accumulated
dust exposed to eyes used only
to seeing the other side

So ‘change-for-the-better’ pays
in debit-worthy awareness, like
irony attached post hoc to an
already arraigned conscience

But wisdom claims propter hoc
the cause was a rash decision
when ‘live and let be’ meant
exactly the same anyway
© 5 Feb 2011, I. D. Carswell