28 April 2011

Parochialism Won


Queensland’s narrowness has this excess
risibly explaining its railway mess. To train
Newcastle-Sydney seems adventure grand,
three hours on rails, $2.50 return-fare for
an aged concession has me wondering at
such a paltry sum for scenic adventure.
Why is it so utterly, insuperably cheap?

In Qld the same journey doesn’t exist;
TransLink, Airtrain and Citytrain’s ideas
of value for money mean inflated prices
gaining quicker profits gladly. A similar
journey rates paying at least $25.00 –
and mate, that’s with aged concession,
but sadly, only going the one way.

Why did QR go wrong, what will be its
fate? Nothing much is the best guess –
a fait accompli in narrow-mindedness as
unalterably part of this ‘Free Enterprise’
State’s financial proclivity as belief the
rest of the Country’s in league making
Qldrs look a bucolic bunch of rednecks.
©14 February 2011, I. D. Carswell