12 April 2011

The Raw Prawn

Doin’ things y’ own way’d be a bloody
waste, embracing differences y’ made
an effort which has won an accolade
or two but someone recognised that
you had talent and complained! Hey,
they say, don’t come the raw prawn!

Ok, as anyone who’s handled ‘em well
knows they’re slippery, wet and limp,
its analogous okay? There has t’ be
ingenuousness and wimpy feigning
innocence or naivety, i.e., like bein’
really dreadfully devious.

Well I’m bloody not! So it’s a sham?
What makes y’ think I’ve got a case
t’ answer for or give a curried damn
about your dodgy thoughts? I made
the play believin’ quite sincerely all
of youse, of course, weren’t dense.

If you’re anxious what I meant I can
explain it as a compliment, a play to 
set things right by doin’ ‘em your way.
I now recant I’ll be the man who made
the difference stand and gaily join the
gang in rawly peelin’ bloody prawns.
© 18 January 2011, I. D. Carswell