15 July 2011

I’m Yours, He Sez (rev)


‘Tis uncommonly specious imagining,
‘as ‘im reeling of th’ drink – odd and
‘specially damned since ‘e hasn’t ‘ad a
dram, or thinks ‘e hasn’t ‘ad, in weeks

Feels a queasy thing come loose inside,
tangled up in other bits; ‘tis gas or love
is an opine, burps and farts, it stays on
line so not th’ shits – then love ‘tis

Of course I should have realised! Who’s
th’ lucky lass he cries? Staggers to his
feet to join the world and meet the girl
who’s clandestinely won his heart

I’m yours, he sez, with eyes afire and
fierce intent, we’re meant to be a pair
who’s linked by generous and special
care, so pour me Luv another drink!
© 17 February 2007, I.D. Carswell