24 October 2011

Passably Compensated


according to Herself we’re on the cusp of
a new arrangement; laudably she’s right,
I’m needed to be a brand-new believer
in the vogue of a virtuoso undertaking

She’s faithful or extremely discrete such
that her worst detractors can’t dent the
pact; I suppose what worries me is why
She’s so defensible and they utterly fail

then I realise it isn’t an act – tho I’m not
aufait to party innuendo strike me isn’t it
obvious who’s glazing the wrong pudding
– and it wasn’t me stirring the cake

She’s closer to what we need; articulate
and apologetic – no aggressive traits or
am I subtly missing the red hair implies
She’s like us without obvious prejudice

So we will have a carbon tax paid for by
those who can’t change methodologies –
and if what she says is true, eventually
we’ll be passably compensated
© 13 August 2011, I. D. Carswell