13 October 2011

Politics QLD


Pardon me, am I missing something?
After a mere 8 YEARS elected service
QLD politicians qualify for government
superannuation – but risk everything
on an early election date!

What on earth is risked? Reputation?
Credibility? Cushy retirement? Sounds
a ‘stressful’ situation to be lodged in with
an outrageously simple solution; double
the benchmark and save, save, save

But it won’t happen today! One sure bet
is when it comes to paying themselves
our politicians are the very best for self
serving arguments on remunerative
justification – but wait and see

Political enmity bleeds money at an absurd
pace – but one thing you’ll guarantee they’ll
agree on is how much they’re worth, so a
risky poll just before reaching the magic 8
isn’t going to be happening

They’ll play it sanctimoniously safe c/o
remote factional murmuring, whereas the
tax payers view should be – how much can
WE, as voters save; so think on it a moment
before y’all pawn your next vote
© 11 April 2011, I. D. Carswell