05 November 2011

Aussie Rules Debacle

AFL 2011

Should I cry wretchedly at news
no media bothered to place or be
amused how blithely it was ignored

But no news is good news if you’re
ignominiously traumatised LOSING
an AFL International series

Yes, Ireland BEAT Australia twice –
2 of 2 – won The International Cup
without a partisan murmur heard

Good grief, where were the hyped
sell-out crowds of AFL’s raison d'ĂȘtre,
why was a blazing TV frenzy absent

How come a ‘best of the best’ contest
failed to raise enough local interest to
rate even minor newsworthiness

C’mon Aussie Rules, non-events dent
your rep; you claim to have the world’s
best footy players (outside Ireland)

So why not challenge the Yanks to a
classic knock down drag out match;
you’ll need national fervour cranked

And bugger the Rules; if engaging
derring-do it’ll capture prospect fans
who don’t need to be initiated first
© 5 November 2011, I. D. Carswell