18 January 2012

Semblance (Of The Lie)


Don’t get to hide from it –
there’s no mistaking an
intransigent reality, a tiny
space without reprieve or
amnesty is cruel in making
your rejection extra sour

Abandoning a pride of place
may cool off aching sanity – if
reason can explain a calumny
of dour and calloused wit too
apathetically placating dignity
so much disgraced

To stay retained at least an
air of gainful pride in taming
wildernesses ‘neath our feet –
footprints which survive will
guide a cause that neither
you or I could contemplate

But then you’re free of it and
everything denied remains; so
I preserve a semblance of the
lie your absence explicates, a
chance of living here in doubt
of consequential pain
© 2 June 2011, I. D. Carswell