27 January 2012

Tamed Views (Of True Earth)


cleaning windows is the ‘nth
degree of agony; nothing is
what makes ‘em crystal clear

those hardly novel views that
glass should be in place and
seen to be for safe elucidation

oddly bests living in esoteric
derivations of nonbeing, the
improbability of sheer zero

the presence of a no-smear
invisible shield which equally
repels insect and beast alike

benignly interpolating itself
between this place and that
untamed view of true earth

but somehow I trust cobwebs
more; eclectic hallucinations
vaguely alienated don’t erase

a spider’s autograph, it’s real
proof of existence exactly –
while upbeat debate ain’t
© 12 May 2011, I. D. Carswell