16 February 2012

Better Leave (To Last)


insight to insanity, I guess,
but then I’m less afraid of
faithful judgements made
all but beyond the fact – it
was MY tree to fell, a lean of
25˚ abutted close in canopy
had really posed no threat

risk review agreed I’d cop
some rotten luck to take
an injury – the saw to pinch
most likely on the cards,
predictably it was, much as
the oh, ah-shit appreciation
what a mess I’d made

trees as problems now
amount to three quite
separate entities abating
quests for wood to dry for
winters yet to come; but
while I see the irony I am
denied a latent acid test

the three in one are still
aloft although entwined in
an embrace enhanced by
gravity; it’s going to take
a awesome shake or leery
wind to break that clinch
and set ‘em free

like insanity may make a
guess inspired it says as
only luck enacts the part –
there’s more to come when
you decide exact upon the
tree you’ll tackle first or
better leave to last
© 21 June 2011, I. D. Carswell