18 February 2012

Shapelessly Expiate


It would send you demented if you weren’t
bent shapelessly expiate already – and not
in a temporary state; rain with a cultured
temperament precipitates too rarely to be
ignored of its omnipresent irascibility

Yet there’s an ubiquitous atmosphere of not
quite resentful pique in having to stay out
of it – like a valedictory speech few stood to
hear with slurred words not quite de rigueur
for this mode of taciturn complacency

Yeah, is the remark, likely it’d be a relief for
them who don’t appreciate how the natural
things happen without rhyme nor reason, or
according to Murphy, wear you thin where
you’re provoked easiest

But you won’t play the game; there’s still a
beer with your name on it cooling decently
awaiting 4 pm – or sooner if the day turns
crazier from watching a soothing insanity
of plentiful rain
© 23 August 2011, I. D. Carswell