23 February 2012



even subtle hints were vague
no question asked of penchant
ever made pretence suggest
what to construe

kept a silence civil on the way
respecting that intrigue was true
intent – reacted peaceably
to guessing games

then we turned towards the sea –
the cue that sprang to mind a
midday harbour cruise, at least
it was a scent

parked at Humpybong, no jest,
that was the car-park’s name, walked
through work surrounded scaffolding
towards the beach

parade and pier reflecting
where modernity has taken
stance in Redcliffe’s planned for new-
age renaissance

and there was told we’re here for
watching whales; I never guessed,
cetacean beings blessed at sea
with grace and charm

swam with whales in ages past
surfed in waves they rode with ease
was pleased to share the space
they freely gave

be a pleasure being near
again I praised, the buoyant
water bears their massive bulk
with sheer amaze

sipped our coffees well imbued
awaiting guests to start the
cruise; then doubt consumed the mood
for no-one came

they soon explained by phone we’d
been advised – although we didn’t
read the boat’s repair demise
and stay at home

thus it was a true surprise!
© 2 September 2011, I. D. Carswell