20 February 2012

Upbeat Anarchy


Distractions engage this man’s fancy
with contemptuous ease; relevance
tests fail when circumvented by an
outpouring of obduracy claimed as
the sure cure for sceptical vagaries

And evidence suggests 900 at least
games of free cell won back to back
imply a generously disenfranchised
persistence, or that a make-believe
sense of proportion runs awry

Isn’t my bent to say why forestalling
so gaily manifests itself the enemy –
time is sole arbiter of whether effort
of engaging exacerbates moot stases
too easily defeated anyway

So I stay out of the loop and play an
unending stream of words wryly set
free by dam breaching; its my way of
reclaiming sanity, a despotic vent for
an upbeat anarchy
© 30 August 2011, I. D. Carswell