04 February 2012

Who We Are


not an ordinary drunk
no fearless fowl regarding what
is best in modern poetry
but I digress; the chance
you even saw this vogue of views

as happenstance you’ll have to wake
to see – and it won’t mean a morning’s
dissonance of undescribed and leery
half-remembered unsubscribed
enhanced diminuendo

bugger me I know it wasn’t what
I sought to write this palpable and
happy day – and yet it came as if
it was the simple inspiration meant
to polarise and open eyes

so I conclude I am awake
there’s no excuse I’ll have to make
a statement lest they all forget we’re
who we are at best – even if pretence
proclaims we’re somewhat less
© 1 July 2011, I. D. Carswell