24 March 2012

Crohamhurst’s ‘T’

SE Qld Map
Expressing latitude and longitude in decimal
degrees won’t tag your back; ‘twill make a
fair assessment on a map of what you want
to see – a place prescribed aligned within an
intersection set at ‘T’ of Crohamhurst – from
128 km Brisbane (Mt Stapylton) Radar Loop,
that at least pontificates on where our Met is
at, or where it looks it’s likely going to be

Taken me a host of failed attempts to set a
mark indelibly right where the Orchard here
in Vieritz Road assumes locality, or as near
as damn, and Google helped progress that
quest with grand exactitude – a more or less
semantic data set off Bureau’s radar map
© 13 January 2012, I. D. Carswell