19 March 2012

Faithless Truth

If what was claimed at that soiree was
true we’re turned to stone; his coming
out was cloned politically – a cachet-
dressed viridity, armour against a few
contrapuntal party views we proposed
& heard bare-faced denied or damned
maliciously as vicious lies betrothed

He’d never read or listened to such
words he said, never knew who would
have said them anyway, and evidence
was easy to obtain it wasn’t ever true;
a gathered faithful cooed with bobbing
heads inclined, agreeing to his just and
wisely sage defence of party line

They’re yours, we said, as reported in
the Press which favoured views you’d
given counsel to – and he’d not denied!
Ironically we mayn’t trust the Press he
sighed, for proof it truly quoted origins
abusing more insane agendas than the
ranks of lunacy’s salacious banks

Its total war out there he raved – and
faithless truth’s a mortal Enemy! Hark
to me who will redeem our Party’s true
belief; I never lied about my faith, ever
made a lesser claim – yet you’d lay the
blame implied of loyalty misplaced on
truth in lieu of proof I ever really lied
© 16 March 2012, I. D. Carswell