28 March 2012

Gollum Elected


Gollum Elected – who’d‘ve thought
it but deranged fantasy, and this IS
Qld where cattle dogs wear Jackie
Howes ‘n smoke their own rollies

Haven’t listened t’ th’ radio since th’
‘lection in case I hear ‘is sibilant lisp
explaining just how good it’s gonna
be for the meek and downtrodden

Y’ referring to me y’ could ask but
won’t – I mean we were only kickin’
th’ Labor mob out – not givin’ you
a bloody mandate to simper gladly

So quieten down y’ clown, ‘n get on
with raisin’ taxes etc, like you’ll do
anyway by blamin’ the other lot for
leavin’ no cash in the till

Meanwhile nothin’s changed but for
this Tolkien character who’s Premier –
hey, maybe the other States will be
too nervous to take particular note
© 27 March 2012, I. D. Carswell

Campbell Newman elected Qld Premier
in 24 April 2012 landslide LNP victory