23 May 2012

Be The Same


So what ARE you if you’re
not true-blue and clearly
colour-blind – it’s all you
find you’ll need within
our GREAT fraternity

Our great ‘WHAT’ you ask
amazed, I heard the word
‘fraternity’ ascribed? To
which vague chapter is it
meant to be an intimate

Don’t say, let me guess,
you sport a ribbon blue and
swear you’re Liberal clean
and true with earnest hand
impressed on heart

Or motley pinkish crew
whose blurred origins let
‘em claim only they Labor
best in representing what
suits an unruly mob

Or verdant band of fruits
best able to converse wisely
with sea and air in quest
to keep things Green and

Or pack of aged Neolithic
survivors changing their
name again so as to be a
National influence – or so
the inference goes

Or grey Democrat tho’
not a credible choice when
making changes – their
voices echo implications
of blurred compromise

No, my Mob’s where we’ve
golden soil and wealth for
toil and not too far from
the bit girt by sea, if you
know what I mean

So sadly obsequious calls
to be a true-blue usually
entail  inept, over-inflated
egos wanting to share the
worst of deserved blame

Whereas the right thing is
saving integrity, when any
party calls I ask – do you live
next door? Of course they
miss the significance

I support neighbours I say
because we are in the same
space – it is not anywhere
near where you live so why
expect my support

I am not colour coded or
blinded by lame processes you
define so I’m free I guess to
be what I am where I am
which really is here

And that Mate is about as
good as it gets; so sit yourself
down and have a cuppa tea
or a beer or whatever it
takes to be the same
© 20 October 2011, I. D. Carswell