18 May 2012

Celestial Monologues

m16 image by travis rector.  correction layers added by mark hanna

One helluva afternoon, storms gathering
intensity to the north – already you hear
faint thunder termed ‘severe’ by Weather
Bureau gnomes issuing urgently repeated
but utterly facetious warnings about extra
large hailstones on community radio

referring to hail damage on vehicles I’d
guess and not ears by overrated decibels –
it’s been anything but hell so far, a mite
muted even and bit too far away to take
seriously; even radar imagery seems less
impressed than it ought to be

but it has started to rain – and that’s more
of a blessing than a curse, we’ve been a bit
desiccated here from long spells of dry; and
that leads us to be welcoming whereas the
urbanites shelter nakedly in their feral fear
of these grand celestial monologues
© 13 October 2011, I. D. Carswell