20 May 2012

Curled Goatee Seeks Public Office


the pubic hair transplanted on
your head is apt I do declare –
there’s no mistaking who and
what you are now that I know
from where its origins occur; if

you’d acknowledge whose it is
we’d reach a free accord and I
avoid impeachment on a claim
I made you’re female genitalia
so deranged to keep decorum

sweet – been known astutely
on the streets for many years
My Man, admit your subterfuge,
gain a credibility you’ve won in
leading fashion stakes today

then there’s an act we’d ask of
you which would complete this
masquerade to be hirsute and
neat – to also see if you can
grow a cutely curled goatee
© 14 October 2011, I. D. Carswell