07 May 2012

Dust To Dust


Be aware, dust is the enemy,
no covenant of enlightenment
exists for warfare like this to
allay rational fears; apostate
& disenfranchised energy is
root of a sumptuous excess –
this challenge to order’s best
sense, dreams of cleanliness

Hallucinogenic games played
stirring air with a psychedelic
feather duster rarely powers
one’s soul – less circumspect
re-breathing of recycled ‘tho
dubious particles creatively,
parodies of grey largesse &
clearly bungled hygiene

There’s vacuumed caution for
articles of faith in Old Wives’
tales & adages of laying dust
making sense – where’s that
written, you ask respectfully,
wearing an air of incredulity
and optically prescribed new
multi-focal spectacles –

In vistas of sense not seen
before glasses marched into
terrain you’d swear was dust
free; even the sunlight angle
casts fanciful, unfair censure
in shadows of dog hair and
minute blades of grass right
where you just swept
© 27 February 2012, I. D. Carswell