14 May 2012

Making Peace

Have to be careful what I say,
if they’re offended no-one will
want to believe I’m right; that
is unless offense applies to us
all equally

But they’re hazy perceptions,
broad-nib splayed excess of
a spattered palette – easy to
see unless graphic innuendo
suggests severe mockery

Ironic isn’t it – taking the piss
is more likely to get your ears
than shouting ‘danger’; where
does good manners approval
come from then?

What I’d hoped to say isn’t in
bad taste, circumspect maybe
but which way will you take it
when it suggests we’ve need
to explain ourselves

Taking refuge in belief we’re
all equal in the eyes of Deity
allows irreconcilable freedom
independent of good intent –
but we share the same space

That dictates didactic bases
to co-exist peacefully unless
you intend to remove me, it
makes your motives at least
clear but not reasonable

So be aware I’m not about to
leave – either you change your
way or we agree a stalemate;
practise your faith as you will
but first make peace with me
© 7 March 2012, I. D. Carswell