09 June 2012



I know we glibly talk of these localities
in tones of great acquaintanceship, but
truth be said it is an ambiance proposed
as rustic ordinary ease, a mood we like
to share when on the road; they’re out 
there on the way to anywhere as facts 
encountered less of chance than as in
recollections played to keys in memory
then raised as travellers’ stakes

Drove to Hampton Friday well before
an early sun was full or journey spent;
we’d seen the man, loaded bags on ute,
passed thru a burg or two along the
track, eyed Deongwar Forest’s stunning
views again and duly reminisced that
Perseverance has to seem unchanged the
most, took a well earned break at Esk for
cup of tea and new baked bread

Odd places like Ottaba & Biarra came and
went from Esk – Toogoolwah, Cressbrook,
Yimbun, Harlin, Kilcoy & D’Aguilar, then
the last serious left before ‘The Bruce’,
Stanmore, Commissioners Flat-Cedarton
intersection and we’re almost there; it’s
the shorter, easier way to Peachester – a
gratefully grey gravelled road that always
leads to sanctuary and home again
© 25 November 2011, I. D. Carswell