30 June 2012



Couldn’t say I didn’t try unless
the measurement applied was
less than salutary – zero is an
easy guess; a minute change
means tiny effort dissipated in
mental anguish wasted trying
to think things back a ways to
where they’d once been

Yet exhaustion sets limits one
can’t ignore easily, it’s more a
toll on why’s and wherefore’s;
dissenting won’t make it real
debate while acquainting you
with such shameful complicity

We’re mired in a duplicit mess
of faking what we need – no
fillip’d be of lesser discomfort
I’d have thought, but strategy
suggests the grand scheme is
even more of everything

Okay, so we take the pathway
with the most ascending steps
to where we can see more; oh,
the answer is in perspective &
less clarity, or exhaustion from
the climb, or odious absorption
into an outer-view one used to
believe used too much energy
© 4 April 2012, I. D. Carswell