20 July 2012



Litterers must perceive trash as
visual art dictating plastic drink
bottles and aluminium cans etc.,
must congregate together to
acquire coherent meaning

Therefore debris which appears
in herbicide bared patches
around road markers obeys
the rule to the letter – logical
but bizarrely déclassé

Whether ecological vandalism
or art-on-the-move debated by
burghers and councillors belatedly
it continues without explication
or cost effective remedy

We’re told shooting offenders
merely increases refuse, fines
relapse into judicial anarchy and
banning product sales promotes
unfair commercial adversity

So these roadside tributes exist
as statements of casual effects
of real civilisation; so maybe as
a line of least resistance we don’t
need see the road signs either!
© 4 May 2012, I. D. Carswell