09 August 2012


You could say life’s rather like the
reality of a rechargeable cell – no
need elaborate, without doubt at
some stage we’ve all been there

When no energy is left to spark up
zest the bureau drawer contains a
panacea, insert run-down cells,
wait until the light turns green

That burst of replenished energy
comes sweet, vigour returns and
indefatigable enthusiasm sweeps
away the debris of despair

Life’s worth living although vague
suspicion filters discretely into an
enhanced view of the new reality –
so, how long will this really last?

Manufacturer guarantees exclude
effects of unusual application and
/or repeated usage beyond use-by-
date causing battery failure

Seems no pot of gold sits at this
rainbow’s end – just a discard pile
of rechargeable battery cells which
cruelled you in your hour of need
© 19 May 2012, I. D. Carswell