15 August 2012


Seeds of a jackfruit. Jackfruit. Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. Moraceae. Jackfruit is the largest tree_borne fruit in the world, reaching 80 pounds in weight and up to 36 inches long and 20 inches in diameter. Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Jackfruit seeds, not an ordinary
fare; more a meal indeed with
flair you’d liken if you’re crude
enough to Bunya nut, or freed
taxonomies of what you really
like, decide comparisons that
smack of weirdly taciturn and
rare or unexplained restraint

They’re baked or boiled – try
both ways, in the end it is your
palate which discerns the better
recipe; no substitute compares
as such for seeds that most of
us would sadly throw away
© 20 June 2012, I. D. Carswell