12 August 2012

Who Pays

who pays

We live in Paradise – QLD Premier
says so unequivocally, and who is
better to know than Gollum! He is
nearly right for sure but probably
doesn’t get foreign-accent blurred
calls from IT gurus said to be with
your Service provider. S
wrong with your PC, they slur

Not according to me (who’s a fair
understanding on things PC), why
are you speaking on the phone; it
doesn’t elicit workable insight into
said computer malfunction except
as pretentious techno-babble – so
you need my current bank account
details to save me future trouble?

Obviously things ain’t kosher; so
we play along just to see how far
they’ll go – a bizarre conversation
about beliefs & trust in providing
for complex needs. But, and like
Gollum, I suppose, a promise to
fix all those pernickety problems
pretty much in the same way

But Gollum doesn’t need account
details to effect his reforms; he’s
off away & round the bend in an
astute revenue-stream-assured
badinage which in hindsight may
include a few tax hikes, increased
prices and a host of double-take
spams about who actually pays
© 14 June 2012, I. D. Carswell