14 September 2012

Farewell Monsieur

Money and Podge
Isn’t easy saying goodbye to
a good mate – this is unease
bereaved by intangible sadness,
in soul-searching reminisced
with the good times
and the bad,

This moment is blessed in
a grace of memories thankful,
of a singular relationship
longstanding, with events
unique in an intimacy that
sadly no-longer is,

Living with bareness on his
passing concedes where he
placed; a bold hierarchy
of affectation embraces us
all in the same emptiness,
of raw self-appraisal

His gentleness remains – the
memory of his greeting, an
indefatigable cheerfulness which
brokered no retreat from
meeting his enthusiastic
keenness for company
© 12 August 2012, I. D. Carswell

For Monsieur Monet (aka ‘Money’)
much loved Boxer who passed
away 12 August 2012
here with his cobber Podge