21 September 2012

The Navy Way

Seldom have I read such pooh, the man contends
to represent ‘constituents’ – all ex-Defence, who
have retired on benefits they duly earned: DFRB/
DFRDB Superannuants to a man; it stands for

Defence Force Retirements Benefits/Defence 
Force Retirement and Death Benefits schemes a
serviceman has little choice about per se, must
contribute part of pay towards until retirement

The claim begins to state a case which ordinarily
deserves review but then exceeds the bounds of
commonsense, spews invective one construes as
angry self-defence for deeply wounded pride

Whether we abide within the frame of benefit to
earn an indexed rise has nought to do with rules
applied to Old Age Pension and its precedents,
but Governments can duly change that view

Swain’s ‘why’ is clear as passages progress with
graphic threats to Ministers whose views do not
enshrine our Service vows; pariahs soon to
Opposition’s Bench for languishing he jibes

If he’s right his claim just might be great for all
of us who want a fair, unbiased Government to
care for good – but to suggest we all agree with
him is neither true or real and never could

The letter clearly is a rally call to all he claims to
represent – and he’s declared we’ll vote his way;
well mate, you represent the Navy, the feckless
mob whose love of grog is frankly legendary

So we’d suggest a tot of rum or scratch your bum
or dance a jig – best leave the job to them who
never knew what Politics dispensed until your sad
not quite pusillanimous attempt to teach
© 27 July 2012, I. D. Carswell

Commander Ken Swain AM RAN Rtd
President, Federation of Naval Ship Assns