12 October 2012

Bathos, I guess


It may be bathos – I guess,
but I get a distinct impression
there’s an election due in USA;

not that we have a stake in
outcomes that may eventuate,
but thus we hear claims made

Strangely, I do see a link between
Media’s infatuation with the US
Presidential electoral process and

an infantile intrigue of Networks
too easily obsessed with ‘politics’
of their own newsworthiness

Misery etches such unassailably
clear images of inequity one is
sometimes left gasping – but

not in this iteration; despair is
usually overused as a metaphor
for what we get to hear and see

and yet assessing candidates on
whether they attract larger, more
animate TV audiences seems, in

view of ‘expert’ commentary, a
criterion test standard of whom is
suitable for representation

Well, don’t be surprised – the ‘real’
analysis rests with whomever pays
for the right to be advertised!
© 10 September 2012, I. D. Carswell