24 October 2012

Photovoltaic Grace


Breaking news today, Qld becomes
a Solar Energy Super State & cats
with diabetes can be treated; okay
great news – but why a revelation?

Whether we only need make the
truckloads of insulin and create an
industry seems too passé to be an
ingenious, original solution.

Our ‘so-to-speak’ Sunshine State
already had solar talent on hand
so advent of solar panels wasn’t
exactly all that inspirational.

At over 475 MW we are the main
installed solar photovoltaic facility
it seems, 200,000 plus homes and
businesses display this capacity.

But the Chinese made a mint on
that deal; the future we stand to
gain is in guaranteed and equitable
sun-generated electrical energy.

When Carbon Tax sets the lid on
high-emitting resource sectors all
Qld industry will be under threat –
hence cheaper energy’s the bet.

As only 1 in 230 cats suffer from
diabetes, feline insulin’s at best
an opportunity at the low-end;
whereas in humans it’s 1 in 10...
© 25 September 2012, I. D. Carswell