09 November 2012

Too Many Left Hands


Hard to say whether the mood
equates to jubilation – there’s
a conceited degree of restraint
on this fellow’s countenance;
what’d been a trivial irritation
ceased today as an object of
concern – but doesn’t explain
what caused it first place

PC #2 now accesses The Web
less system intransigence or
client hysteria, WiFi connect
seems quite stable, is willing
and able to accept all clients,
even permits blandishments

It wasn’t yesterday’s scene,
extirpation seemed to be the
remedy – & from a Tech who
sees users as looming pests
threatening his sanity; in the
event he relented & fixed it

Feeling pleased we ask – well,
that seemed easy, so what was
wrong? Inept inquiry it appears
and you learn in technological
argot all replies are confusing,
babble prevails, & this case’s
cause, cognoscenti opined,
was – too many left hands!
© 27 September 2012, I. D. Carswell