04 December 2012

Below The Belt


Looking for a bit of romance she says,
not anecdotes, sagas, legend or fable,
or given your skill, melodrama so ably
penned; no, for crissakes – just a few
events embracing a wee flush of blood
which pleases, engendering little thrills
extending to extremities – awareness
aroused and gently tingling

You sashay unabashed in your natural
glory says he and the effect is somatic
romance – well it is to me; I take intense
pleasure – eyes imbibing, sensuous lines
so intoxicant, seduction in a trancelike
séance with sequencing immaculate

In your dreams she declares, raw nudity
demeans emotions I meant – like saying
nude magazines are romantic, it’s utter
nonsense; begins near the heart & she
indicates gently, and there its felt, not
elsewhere okay, not below the belt
© 30 October 2012, I. D. Carswell