24 January 2013

Barracuda Views


On Christmas Day my favourite morons
polled the peak; a belief they seek afar
with sympathy the limits they alone
defined had almost forged a fragile trust,
it failed belatedly in email on-line news
delayed unthinkingly until the morning
of this Xmas day – in doing so disclosing
gross indecency that shirked concern

Indeed one must infer they didn’t give
a shit, are proud of it and not the least
afraid of conduct unbecoming, wrong,
or on beyond a raison d’ĂȘtre claimed as
service un-denied; to me it is a raw,
offensive plan for needless suffering &
purposed to enhance their greedy need
for asinine behaviour bouts

To say your Pension’s been suspended
mate is bad enough but touted reasons,
non-response to calls for information is
ridiculous as it has been there for a week,
so bungles in their system’s antiquation
persevere; on Xmas day all I can see is
blatant tactlessness in dourly dumb and
dogged ways they still progress

A begrudging civic aid imbued in public
servants ‘Barracuda Views’ isn’t new – and
they will never see it as I do, apologise or
back away; mid-January they’ll fix it and
perhaps reply, you’d think as morons in
the least they’d be enthused to show in
decency concerns for wrecking Xmas day!
© 25 December 2012, I. D. Carswell