17 January 2013

Survival In Drought


Either arrival of Christmas wine a bit late for
Sunday’s Thermomix demo or planning tuna
pasta for dinner tonight are highlights of the
day; the new machine’s kept fervour peaked
in revealing its secrets, with only one rite by
ordeal a scalded finger, so maybe its truly
tame as the demonstrator claimed frankly
without quite perjuring herself

Rain has been the only cloud on today’s
horizon but it’s needed so failure of the water
pump must be ceded a balancing negative –
we’ll see if passion dwindles without the hot
shower one takes for granted if the plumber
can’t get here in time to fix it today

Kitchen’s scented with lemon zest blended at
high-speed with parmesan – wafts agreeably 
waiting on penne, garlic, tuna and tomato to
cook in gustatory wealth of slow whirl flavour
lures about to make a Thermomix the beast
no doubt one needs for survival in drought
© 10 December 2012, I. D. Carswell